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Ricard de La Rosa (Piano & Vocals)
Jane Street Solitaire

PPR number: PPR224550 & 224555 (2 CDs)
Miwa Onodera (Piano)
Kimono Clad Pianist
PPR number: PPR224512765DVD1 & 224512765CD1
(2 Disk Set, DVD & CD)
Ricard de La Rosa (Piano & Vocals)
Jane Street Essentials & Humoresque 2012
PPR number:PPR224543
Ricard de La Rosa (Piano & Vocals)
Paonia Variety Show
PPR number:PPR224542 & PPR224544DVD
(2 Disk Set, DVD & CD)
Reeno Hashimoto (Piano)
PPR number:PPR224582099 & PPR224582099DVD
(2 Disk Set, DVD & CD)
Chizuko Amaike (Piano)
Pour le PIano
PPR number:PPR224531
(2 Disk Set, DVD & CD)
Esther Budiardjo (Piano)
Henselt Piano Works
PPR number: PPR224540 & 224541 (2 CDs)
Per Tengstrand (Piano)
Glazunov sample

PPR number: PPR224537
Laure Favre-Kahn (Piano)
Reynaldo Hahn Piano Works
PPR number: PPR224538
Sara Davis Buechner, Piano
The Complete Piano Works and Assorted Transcriptions of Stephen Foster sample
PPR number: PPR224535
Esther Budiardjo (Piano)
Moszkowski sample

PPR number: PPR224536
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Ryuichi Sakamoto Film Music sample
PPR number: PPR224533
Adam Aleksander (Piano)
Leopold Godowsky : Sonata in E Minor sample
PPR number: PPR224534

Chitose Okashiro (Piano) sample
Tchaikovsky: Pathétique Piano Transcription
PPR number: PPR224530

Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Ryuichi Sakamoto Piano Works sample

PPR number: PPR224532
J.Y. Song (Piano)
Jiang Wen-Ye Piano Works in Japan sample
PPR number: PPR224528
Esther Budiardjo (Piano)
Godowsky: Java Suite,
Tansman: from "Novelettes"
PPR number: PPR224529
Vladimir Viardo (Piano)
Debussy: Complete Preludes sample
PPR number: PPR224525
J.Y. Song (Piano)
Liszt & Busoni sample
PPR number: PPR224527
Gwhyneth Chen (Piano)
Stravinsky: Petrouchka,Scriabin: Fantasy sample
PPR number: PPR224523
Esther Budiardjo (Piano)
Mendelssohn: Fantasy on "The Last Rose of Summer" sample
PPR number: PPR224524
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Richard Wagner: Piano Transcriptions sample
PPR number: PPR224521
Katia Skanavi (Piano)
Chopin: Sonata No.2,
Introduction & Variations Op.12, etc.
PPR number: PPR224522
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Alexander Scriabin: The Poem of Ecstasy Op.54 sample
PPR number: PPR224519
Vardo Rumessen (Piano)
Heino Eller: Complete Preludes sample
PPR number: PPR224520
Sergei Babayan (Piano)
Messiaen, Carl Vine, Respighi & Ligeti sample
PPR number: PPR224517
Michel Block (Piano)
Granados: Goyescas sample
PPR number: PPR224518
Jerome Lowenthal (Piano)
Bartók: 14 Bagetelles, 3 Etudes sample
PPR number: PPR224515
Oxana Yablonskaya (Piano)
Beethoven: Sonatas - Tempest, Waldstein, Op.101 sample
PPR number: PPR224516
Vladimir Viardo (Piano)
Liszt: Transcriptions, Schubert Ländler sample
PPR number: PPR224513
Michel Block (Piano)
Schumann: Novelletten Op.21, 3 Encores sample
PPR number: PPR224514
54 Minutes from Viñao
Études, Trio sample
PPR number: PPR224511
Anton Kuerti (Piano)
Brahms: Sonata No. 3, Handel Variations Op24 sample
PPR number: PPR224512
Vladimir Viardo (Piano)
Organ-Piano Transcriptions Bach-Liszt, Franck-Viardo Choral No.2, 3 sample
PPR number: PPR224509
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Scriabin: 26 Etudes Complete sample
PPR number: PPR224510
Michel Block (Piano)
Chopin: Mazurkas sample
PPR number: PPR224507
Edward Aldwell (Piano)
Hindemith: Ludus Tonalis,
Fauré: Nocturnes No.4, 7,13
PPR number: PPR224508
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Yukiko Kamei (Violin)
Walton: Sonata for Violin & Piano Franck: Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano
PPR number: PPR224505 MP3 ONLY
Sergei Babayan (Piano)
Scarlatti: Sonatas sample
PPR number: PPR224506
J.Y. Song (Piano)
Debussy:12 Etudes
Bartók: Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op.20
PPR number: PPR224503
Michel Block (Piano)
Scriabin: Sonata-Fantasy No.2, Op 19
Chopin: Polonaise-Fantasy, Op.61
and other works sample
PPR number: PPR224504
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Schumann: Symphonic Etudes Op.13, Arabesque Op.18
and other works sample
PPR number: PPR224501
Chitose Okashiro (Piano)
Scriabin: Sonata No. 5, Op.53
Debussy: Images, Book I
Ichizo Okashiro: Moon
PPR number: PPR224502

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