About Pro Piano
General Information

With offices in major United States cities, Pro Piano was originally a piano tuning and service firm which gradually became North America's largest independent purveyor of concert grand pianos, providing Hamburg Steinway concert grands to nearly all the major pianists of the last quarter century. Artists diverse as Argerich, Arrau, Ax, Ashkenazy, Barenboim, Brendel, Corea, Hancock, Jarrett, Levine, Yundi Li, Okashiro, Onodera, Pollini, Pogorelich, Volodos, Yuja Wang, Weissenberg, and Zimerman came to know and rely upon Pro Piano for the world's finest instruments. These great artists developed a lasting personal relationship which cemented camaraderie between the firm Pro Piano, and the spiritual family of pianists worldwide. As a result, since 1969, Pro Piano has been and remains a name recognizable to artists throughout the cultural world.

Yet, as anyone who has ever accomplished significant material goals can attest, the Pro Piano Spirit yearned for more. So it was that Pro Piano Records and the Pro Piano New York Recital Series were formed in 1993. In each case, the prevailing purpose for the undertaking was to nourish and sustain the careers of deserving pianists.

Annually, hundreds of international pianists audition for The Pro Piano New York Recital Series. This strictly anonymous audition program is conducted with absolute rigidity to insure fairness and impartial selection of deserving pianists. From one to five piano recitalists (who can number among them chamber ensembles, too) are then presented on the stage of The Carnegie Recital Hall. The anonymous jury then selects the Pro Piano Artist of The Year from among the recitalists. As an Artist of The Year, the selected artist is given additional awards and receives a recording contract with Pro Piano Records for the release of at least one CD.

Pro Piano Records grew from the concept that in the modern world of classical music, recorded music is a vital and key form of artistic expression, made all the more important by the ever present supply of conservatory students all nurtured on academically similar standards of technique and expression. It is much more realistic for an artist to breathe individually during a recording session than from the microscopic limitations of a concert stage. The public is simply too unforgiving of live performances which do not fit into their perceived mold of normalcy. However, recorded works are given the latitude of tolerance in respect to their individual creativity and expressiveness.

Pro Piano Records utilizes the most advanced technical tools in all recorded works. In fact, A Pianist's Perspective Recording is the process which most clearly establishes Pro Piano Records as the unique voice in classical piano recordings. The Pro Piano Records label attempts to capture the pianist's world on disc, distancing itself from the typical concert hall sound found on nearly all other recordings. What the artist hears at the piano is the most important reference for listener and for artist alike. Without such a reference, the pianist would be rendered impotent. It stands to reason, therefore, that the Pianist's Perspective is the singular most important perspective to be addressed in the recording process.

From a simple past of piano tuning and piano provision, Pro Piano Records and The Pro Piano New York Recital Series were spawned and have evolved into international leadership in the fields of independent record creation, artist discovery and promotion.

Among the many important artists on the Pro Piano records label, Chitose Okashiro (1993), J. Y. Song (1994) and Laure Favre-Kahn (2001) are three outstanding examples of the high standards required to be named The Pro Piano Artist of The Year.

Other marvelous artists on the Pro Piano Label include: Edward Aldwell (b. January 30, 1938, Portland, OR - d. May 28, 2006, Valhalla, NY), Adam Aleksander, Sergei Babayan, Michel Block (b. Jun 12, 1937 - Antwerp, Belgium - d. March 4, 2003 - Bloomington, IN), Esther Budiardjo, Sara Davis Buechner, Gwhyneth Chen, Ricard de La Rosa, Laure Favre-Kahn, Anton Kuerti, Jerome Lowenthal, Miwa Onodera, Vardo Rumessen, Katia Skanavi, Per Tengstrand, Oxana Yablonskaya, Vladimir Viardo, and composer Ezequiel Viñao.

Shipping and Return Policy?

We offer free same day shipping for all our CD's to addresses in the contiguous 48 United States. With no exception, there is a 50% fuel and handling charge to other locations worldwide. NY State residents add 8.375% sales tax on transactions delivered within NY State from the Pro Piano New York Office. We ship via UPS Ground or USPS First Class Mail. Some 'special offers' may state diverse shipping policies. Each 'special offer' will supersede all previously posted policies.

Shipping for pianos and large musical instruments will be on a "case by case" basis. Within 25 miles of any of our offices (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco,) delivery will be free. Stairs, difficult terrain, impossible hours, holidays, high stages, etc. often result in slightly higher prices. All parties simply need to discuss the factual details of each job before arriving at a final price.

Our purpose is to sell and rent merchandise, so it is in our best interest not to discourage sales or rentals with high delivery fees. In no instance will Pro Piano be responsible for any prevailing import or custom charges, or other taxes levied upon the sale of any piano, musical instrument, or CD sold outside its principal places of business. In its principal places of business, the buyer will be responsible for all taxes.

What is your Return Policy?

Pro Piano offers 100% Return Rights for Defective CD's ONLY! All other sales are final.

Since Pro Piano deals with 'one of a kind musical instruments' that have unique and specific characteristics of sound, timbre, touch, appearance, and overall musical quality, buyers should themselves inspect an instrument and/or hire a professional or reliably friendly advisor to pass judgment on all musical instruments before purchase.


Musical instruments, especially fine (artist quality) pianos are extremely diverse in merit...and in musical quality. Since Pro Piano deals principally with artists and professionals, the general quality level is exceedingly high. That does not mean that buyers should buy with their eyes closed, however. Each instrument from Pro Piano is warranted under a 90 day materials replacement policy. In addition, President RDLR has been a Registered Member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 1974.

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