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PPR number: 224542 & 224544DVD

Ricard de La Rosa,
Singer, Songwriter & Pianist
Paonia Variety Show

PPR224542 & PPR224544DVD
1 Paonia Pledge (Of Allegiance)
2 We Were Fearless In Those Days
3 It's The American Way
4 Rejected, Dejected!
5 Having Trouble Living
6 My Thoughts Monologue
7 It's All Up To You
8 West 11th At 6th Avenue
9 Med La Dm
10 A Sin Brought An End To The Gladness Of Our Race
11 70s Monologue
12 Med La D
13 I've Got Myself A Rubber Boat Of A Life
14 I'm Leavin' (My Town)
15 See You Tonight Babe
16 Take Your Love Away (From Me)
17 Letterman Monologue
18 I've Been' Drivin' Cars Since The Age of Four (Rock n' Drive n' Roll)
19 Yes Sir! No Sir!

Notes by Ricard de La Rosa