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Sergei Babayan, Piano

Scarlatti: Sonatas

Domenico Scarlatti(1685-1757): 19 Sonatas
K.8 in G Minor (Allegro)
K.454 in G Major (Andante spiritoso)
K.54 in A Minor (Allegro)
K.547 in G Major (Allegro)
K.247 in C-sharp Minor (Allegro)
K.118 in D Major (Non Presto)
K.198 in E Minor (Allegro)
K.79 in G Major (Allegrissimo)
K.239 in F Minor (Allegro)
K.45 in D Major (Allegro)
K.491 in D Major (Allegro)
K.17 in F Major (Presto)
K.365 in F Minor (Allegro)
K.445 in F Major (Allegro, ò presto)
K.502 in C Major (Allegro)
K.141 in D Minor (Toccata, Allegro)
K.487 in C Major (Allegro)
K.425 in G Major (Allegro molto)
K.427 in G Major (Prestissimo)

Scarlatti: Sonata K.141 in D Minor

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