Ricard de La Rosa

Ricard de La Rosa - Songwriter, Pianist, Singer (b. February 2, 1945 ... )

One can tell from listening to his work, that he's never really practiced the piano; except for the past 9 months or so, that's a fact. Mr. de La Rosa used to be proud of that odd moniker. Now he realizes what a fool he was to have adopted such an impractical position.

But, at the minimum, as the co-founder and head of Pro Piano, de La Rosa was exposed to over 45 years of non-stop artistic excellence in company of the world's major pianists, orchestras, composers, conductors, violinists, and stars. Perhaps at least, he got to know what they all had at their base... a love for music, a love of the discipline their music expected, and a love of the solitude demanded by their art. (They were all quite intelligent too; naturally he fit right in).

Into that understanding, Ricard de La Rosa stepped willingly... and though his results will always be rough, imprecise and coarse in the extreme, at their center is his own throbbing heart, his pulsating spirit and his always boundless energy.

So, despite that Sister Martin de Porres (d. 8/15/2011) and Brother Mark Cumrine were Ricard de La Rosa's only "teachers," and then in a very simplistic and minimal way, they somehow instilled in him enough blind confidence to try... for the first time, at the tender age of 66.

Ricard de La Rosa did try... and found it to be a lovable passion... one he'd never abandon.

His beliefs and convictions are not really very popular in New York City... or San Franciso either, but maybe they're still somewhat acceptable back home, in Western Colorado. If not, he'll soon find another market.

He surely hopes somebody understands and enjoys his work.

September 11, 2011


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