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Michel Block, Piano

Chopin: Mazurkas

Fédéric Chopin (1810 - 1849): 22 Mazurkas
· Op.67 No.3 (posthumous) in C Major
· Op.68 No.3 (posthumous) in F Major
· Op.68 No.4 (posthumous) in F Minor
· Op.17 No.4 in A Minor
· Op. 7 No.2 in A Minor
· Op. 7 No.3 in F Minor
· Op.41 No.1 in C-sharp Minor
· Op.41 No.2 in E Minor
· Op.24 No.1 in G Minor
· Op.24 No.4 in B-flat Minor
· Op.30 No.4 in C-sharp Minor
· Op.50 No.1 in G Major
· Op.50 No.2 in A-flat Major
· Op.50 No.3 in C-sharp Minor
· Op.56 No.1 in B Major
· Op.56 No.2 in C Major
· Op.56 No.3 in C Minor
· Op.59 No.1 in A Minor
· Op.59 No.2 in A-flat Major
· Op.63 No.2 in F Minor
· Op.63 No.3 in C-sharp Minor
· Notre Temps, No.2 in A Minor

Chopin: Op.67 No.3 in C Major

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